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We offer a wide array of services to suit your needs,
It is important to create an appealing design for your website. This will attract your customers to your products and services; this is indeed one of the most challenging parts of the online marketing process. .
branding-ideantyBranding & Corporate Identity

Your current website is what represents you online it is therefore very important that your visitors get a good impression within the first few seconds of viewing your website. We can help you in getting your message across and develop an online identity that best suits your business..

web-designWeb Design

We will discuss your requirements and look at competitors to determine a design for your website; Our web developers will focus on your design ideas and brand image; we will then create a design that seamlessly fits your products.
Good quality images and clean design will be used in order to give a quality finish which will attract viewers; we optimize the pages so that they will be loading quickly and smoothly.


With the increase in smart phones it is important that your website can be optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Our developers can build your website with this in mind so that it can be accessed in an efficient way. If on the other hand you need a phone application developed we have the resources in house to create quality plug-ins or applications for mobile devices such as the iphone.

Once your website has been developed, it needs to be hosted and regularly upgraded if you want to stay 1 step ahead of your competition. We therefore offer a managed web service to ensure that your website runs smoothly and provides the maximum benefit for your business. We can carry out Web analysis, content management services, and technical support.
cmsCMS ( Content Management System )

We can create a Content Management System that will help you control, update and effectively run the website on the Internet, without the use of any additional software

whWeb Hosting

Digital Tag is able to provide a variety of web hosting solutions for your website, offering reliability, speed and flexibility.

wmaWebsite Analysis

Digital Tag offers an analysis service which allows close monitoring of your sites visitors and there behaviour giving us an insight as to what works and what needs modifying. We aim to always increase your traffic and conversation rates. We can help you increase sales and brand awareness based on your business needs and budget.


Once your website has been created it is important to have an online marketing strategy, After all you want to be found on the internet to show off your products and services. Even if you use an array of print and multimedia advertisement campaigns, it is important to have strong online marketing presence. Digital Tag can help your company gain popularity and increase the number of visitors that come to your site and ultimately buy a product, use a service or interact with the website.
oaOnline Advertising

Digital Tag can build unique online advertising campaigns helping you engage viewers to your product or service.

semSEM ( Search Engine Marketing )

At Digital Tag Search Engine Marketing is a crucial part of our online marketing management. Our highly experienced team will create a unique Search Engine Marketing concept which is specifically for your business.

emEmail Marketing & CRM ( Client Relationship Manager )

We can help you develop a method of contacting and managing your customers seamlessly and gain new customers through using powerful email marketing techniques.

smSocial Media

Have you notice that there are people all around you that are talking and sharing ideas and experiences online, through the use of various social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and many others. At Digital Tag we can help you make effective use of this platform to market your business and at the same time form a loyal and happy customer base, which identifies with your products and shares this feeling with the world.

maMarketing Analytics

Digital Tag can conduct research studies and gather data that will empower you to get valuable insights into your marketing campaigns. We will then advise you on which Analytics programs to use and what changes are required in order to improve your marketing campaign.

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